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SMART Photonics Schedule for MPW Runs for 2017-2018

Below are details of upcoming SMART Photonics Multi-Project Wafer runs. If you have any questions, please send an email to

RunIDDesign submission deadlineMask tape-outPDK versionExpected deliveryStatusBroker
SMART221 September 201715 September 2017SMART 5.1.429th June 2018In FabJePPIX
SMART231 December 201715 December 2017SMART 5.1.429nd June 2018In FabJePPIX
SMART241 May 201824 May 2018SMART 5.1.41 September 2018In FabJePPIX
SMART251 August 201815 August 2018To be determined1 December 2018Open for registrationJePPIX
SMART261 November 201815 November 2018To be determined1 March 2019Open for registrationJePPIX
SMART271 Februari 201915 Februari 2019To be determined1 June 2019Open for registrationJePPIX
SMART281 May 201915 May 2019To be determined1 September 2019Open for registrationJePPIX

Update 22-06-2018

MPW SP22 & SP23

Are both at the subcontractor for coating. We expect to be able to ship them by the 29th of June.



MPW SP22: 1 wafer is broken during production, rerun is started for this and scheduled for fab out the 15th of September. Half of the chips will be delivered as communicated the th of June

MPW SP23: 10 days of additional fab out delay is expected. the coating tool is not available and SMART Photonics is working with a third party to get the chip coated. This takes 10 days of additional time due to the availability of the equipment and reservation of a coating slot. 

MPW SP24: Finalising design rule check and assembly of mask set

Smart Photonics Cleanroom at High Tech Campus EindhovenSmart Photonics Cleanroom at High Tech Campus Eindhoven