Internship Marcom

Job title

Internship Marcom


Eindhoven HTC, The Netherlands


40 hours

Duration: 3-6 months

Start date: February 2021

Job description    We are offering a challenging internship with a lot of responsibility and freedom within one of the most outstanding and promising companies in the field of photonics integrated chips. In fact, we are proudly considered the growing pearl of the Brainport region.

This also means we want to build a successful brand that matches this promise. And that’s where you come in!

Your task will be to generate good content for the website and other social media channels, as well as supporting in new events and Photonics conferences.

It will be your responsibility to reach the broader audience, draft, or delegate to draft the needed content (think about: text, pictures, videos). On top of this you will measure the results and share the best practises.

During this internship you will be guided by our experienced and enthusiastic marketing manager. He is very open for your (new) ideas. Are you ready for this great adventure?

We are looking for an intern:

  • Currently in a bachelor study in the field of Marketing, communications or close related.
  • Independent and able to work on tasks alone
  • Good English communication and writing skills, as this is our core content language.
  • Affinity with online marketing
  • Knowledge of our high-tech industry is great but not mandatory. Curiosity is 🙂
  • Located at work-travel distance of our Eindhoven office.

We offer   You will gain valuable experience in how to create good content in a scaleup environment and in a market not yet known by the public. But also, on how to optimize the customer journey for various buyer personas.
How are you going to translate difficult technical content to the broader audience? How do you engage them? And make them as enthusiastic about our company, our technological challenge, and the huge impact we are going to make on the chip industry market?

If you are successful in this field, all high-tech companies will see an added value in you.

Interested?    If interested, we challenge you to apply via a short video where you introduce yourself and tell us why we need to select you as our new intern Marketing and Communications.

Please email your application to our recruiter:

About SMART Photonics: Indium phosphide chips are proving to be the best choice in many applications, ranging from next generation low-power consumption datacenters to a variety of sensing applications for structural monitoring and medical diagnostics. Integrated photonics also plays an increasingly important role in the aircraft industry, air quality monitoring, autonomous driving and in ultra-secure cryptography.

At SMART Photonics we work with highly skilled, experienced, and innovative professionals, eager to work on new and exciting integration technologies


Florian Lemaitre

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