June 19th 2023 Integrated Photonics Consortium To Industrialize The European Silicon Photonics Value Chain, including Heterogeneous Integration of InP Chips by SMART Photonics

PhotonixFab to enable photonics product innovation and commercialization with a path to high volume manufacturing.

Eindhoven, The Netherlands,  – June 19, 2023

The photonixFAB project aims to empower photonics innovation by SMEs and large entities by providing low entry access to both ultra-low loss silicon nitride (SiN) and silicon (Si) based photonics platforms with indium phosphide (InP) heterogenous integration capabilities developed by SMART Photonics. This is a strategic initiative aiming to enable the European semiconductor and photonics industries to gain greater sovereignty. The project will strengthen the continent’s manufacturing capabilities in key emerging areas.

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photonicsFAB projects page

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