SMART Photonic is a manufacturing services supplier. As such, individual process steps, or small clusters of individual process steps like epitaxial growth/overgrowth or lithography, can be delivered.

Epitiaxial growth and base layer epitaxy

SMART Photonics has its own epitaxial growth service which is based on many years of experience. Aixtron multi-wafer MOVPE reactors are used for the epitaxial growth. We offer base layer epitaxial growth of optoelectronic quality thin films in the InP material system. Our growth experience ranges from custom layer stacks of quantum wells, quantum cascades, and (strained) photodiodes, to the proprietary building blocks of our Generic Integration Process.


Next to our expertise in epitaxy, SMART Photonics also has invested in qualifying high-end scanner lithography for 3” InP wafer processing to replace E-beam lithography for cost reduction and throughput purposes in the volume production phase.

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