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Over the last years SMART Photonics received different questions on different topics. We will answer some of these in this FAQ section, to create a database of information. If you cannot find the answer you are looking for, please feel free to submit your question in the contact field below and one of our expert engineers will follow up on your request.

FAQ on Multi Project Wafer

The chips will have a thickness of 200μm +/- 20 μm.

The wavelength usage for the MPW chips is in the full C band ranging from 1530 to 1565nm.

SMART Photonics is expanding its platform as well to the O band and aluminum containing epitaxial structures. If you have any demand here, please check with one of our representatives where we stand.

Yes it does. The wavelength span offered now is the one which is optimal for telecommunications, however even with the standard epitaxial structure the photodiodes will provide some signal above and below this range. If you want to make lasers in a different wavelength, please check what we can offer. In some occasions it is very attractive to use the MPW platform to share some of the costs for processing while using a different epitaxial structure to start with.

The blocks that are in the SMART Photonics Process Design Kit (PDK) and design manual (DM) are the building blocks that went through a validation procedure. However in order to launch new building blocks safely, SMART Photonics processes parallel wafers to allow for prototyping this new functionality. If the integration does work smoothly and building blocks are characterized, it will be offered after two validation runs. Though the building blocks are not offered commercially, it might be interesting for you as well to participate here with an invalidated experimental design in order to stay ahead of competition.

The standard MPW platform is demonstrated up to 20 GHz, however to keep up with the never ending need for higher speed, SMART Photonics offers a Semi insulating platform that demonstrated its capabilities up to 35GHz. Currently this is only offered through direct custom runs, and we are looking to launch a separate MPW run for this later. If there are multiple customers that want to share the cost of a run, we are happy to connect you and make it happen. Please let us know your needs.

Depending on the required building blocks that are required for your device, you will have a dedicated run on the platform for less than 100K€. This price is then including the required masks to manufacture your product. Delivery time of the 2x 3”wafers cleaved into individual components, would take roughly 3 months after freeze of the mask design and depending on the fab load. Please reach out to learn more on our capabilities for dedicated runs.

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