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We are a unique, fast moving, enthusiastic and innovative team of professionals with the ambition to become a world class, state of the art company. Every day we work with exciting new technology, ahead of competition, so personal growth is guaranteed! Check our company values to see what matters most at SMART Photonics.

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Eindhoven Proces Technician

Als Proces technician kom je te werken in ons operations team. Dit team draagt zorg voor het complete productieproces van de wafers in onze fabriek. In dit team werken operators, technicians en shifleads samen om ze snel, kwalitatief en efficiënt mogelijk de wafers van A tot Z te begeleiden.

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Eindhoven Equipment Technician

As our Equipment Technician you will become the support for the Equipment team in the 5-shifts and combine an operational position as process Technician with the extra tasks of equipment technician when needed.

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Eindhoven HTC, The Netherlands Reliability engineer

The SMART Photonics customers are leading players in automotive, industrial, healthcare, data storage and robotics industry. To strengthen our quality capabilities for these market areas, we offer an exciting career opportunity in the Engineering group for the role of a Reliability Engineer. You will perform reliability testing, physical failure analysis in support of existing and new products and processes.

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Eindhoven HTC, The Netherlands Mask Layout Engineer

Our technology is set to play an essential role in finding and developing solutions for the world’s challenges, such as reducing energy consumption, improving healthcare, fighting food waste and our continuous hunger for information. As a foundry for integrated protonic circuits, SMART Photonics offers solutions for data and telecommunication, as well as for sensing – such as Lidar – and medical applications. And it doesn’t stop there.

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Eindhoven HTC, The Netherlands Shift Lead - 5 ploegen

SMART Photonics heeft de ambitie om de grootste fotonische chipmaker te worden, we werken hard om onze productie op te hogen. We investeren daarom ook in nieuwe machines, een betere cleanroom, onze mensen en de teams. Om op deze manier onze klanten nog beter tot dienst te kunnen zijn. We zijn grote stappen aan het zetten en er volgen er nog meer. Een van die stappen is het vergroten van ons productieteam en daarom zijn we op zoek naar een:

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Eindhoven HTC, The Netherlands Vertical Integration Engineer

In this position you will become the owner of various Photonics Integrated Chips (PIC’s) products for several of our customers. You design and qualify new processes to increase our factory productivity,  improve our yield and  expand our technical portfolio. When you are the person who gets energized from implementing control plans, fine-tune the newest technology in PIC’s and improve complex problem detection, this might be interesting and challenging! 

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Eindhoven HTC, The Netherlands Senior Process Engineer

You acquire processing techniques and methods to apply in the manufacturing process, fabrication, and evaluation of our wafers. This requires hands-on approach to sustain and improve PLASMA and PECVD processes. As Senior engineer you will drive for improvement in process, yield and costs by working with cross functional team members from equipment, operations, integration, and R&D.

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Eindhoven HTC, The Netherlands Lead Process Engineer

Our process engineering team is divided in 6 clusters, each cluster has a Lead Process Engineer (or Cluster lead) , due to growth, development and expansion we are recruiting a LEAD. The leading aspect will grow in the future and therefore we need the unique combination of leadership ambition, while in the you also would like to contribute with technical and operational knowledge and support. 

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Eindhoven HTC, The Netherlands Chief Accountant

Interested in taking the next step in your financial accounting career?  We are offering a challenging position in which you support Smart Photonics towards a World Class Finance level company.  

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Eindhoven HTC, The Netherlands PDK Design Engineer

develop and improve our automation tools, which are contributing to verify and test the new building blocks (BB) and PDK’s. In the meanwhile, you are also challenged to act as owner of the release, to analyse the data and draft the design manual. You are in lead of the overview of your own projects, collect and analyse the data, share outcomes with cross sectorial teams and assess new designs.

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Eindhoven HTC, The Netherlands R&D Semiconductor laser/Epitaxy design engineer

As an R&D Engineer specialized semiconductor lasers, you are part of our Research & Development team. Within this team, you intensively collaborate with our scientists, direct R&D colleagues, product management, and other involved colleagues and departments. 

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Eindhoven HTC, The Netherlands R&D High-speed device Engineer

. As a foundry for integrated protonic circuits, SMART Photonics offers solutions for data and telecommunication, as well as for sensing – such as Lidar – and medical applications. And it doesn’t stop there. To keep pushing our boundaries and improve our technology we are recruiting a

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High Tech Campus, Eindhoven Senior Operations Support Officer

Als collega van onze teams in de fabriek zorg jij dat iedereen zijn werk goed kan doen. De voorraad is up to date, er zijn voldoende hulpmiddelen voor de cleanroom, je zorgt dat onze leveranciers hun afspraken nakomen, draagt de verantwoordelijkheid voor de verzendingen en ontvangst van goederen. Samen met nog een Operations Support Officer werk je nauw samen voor een up-to-date, oplossings- en klantgerichte service en support voor alle collega’s en klanten. Het zal niet aan jou liggen dat werk en taken niet uitgevoerd kunnen worden.

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High Tech Campus, Eindhoven HSE Coordinator

To achieve our ambitions, we need our cleanroom to be managed while keeping the facilities operational and maintaining a safe working environment for process engineers, operators, and R&D engineers of SMART Photonics. Therefore, we are hiring a: HSE Coordinator Someone who creates and maintains an effective and safe state-of-the-art cleanroom production factory environment.

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Eindhoven HTC, The Netherlands Manager Test & Measurement

A challenging yet also rewarding position. Maturing our Testing and Measurements, strategical forecasting, guiding the team to excel in their daily jobs, and occasionally roll up your sleeves and perform some decent testing yourself.

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High Tech Campus, Eindhoven Equipment Engineer

While going forwards we are recruiting an experienced (senior) Equipment engineer to support the equipment engineering team in our ramp-up and towards professional growth.  

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Eindhoven HTC, The Netherlands Technical Project Lead (senior)

At SMART Photonics we invite you to unleash your full potential. We are ahead of competition as a leading InP foundry in the Netherlands. We face complex challenges as well as immense success in our growth towards high volume production of PIC's.

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