This week SMART Photonics was honoured by a visit from the Dutch Permanent Representation in the EU. This ‘PR’ represents Dutch interests in the European Union. Together with representatives from the Ministry of Economic Affairs and from Brainport manufacturing industry, this delegation visited several companies in and around Eindhoven.

This ‘study tour’ aimed to give the 16 participants more insights about the Brainport manufacturing industry and focused on themes that connect Brainport to Europe. As SMART Photonics plays a critical role in the photonics ecosystem, a visit to SMART Photonics was an important part of the program.

In an interactive conversation, Richard Visser (founder SMART Photonics) and Ewit Roos (Photon Delta), explained the added value of photonic chips compared to contemporary IC’s. The impact of photonic technology on the Brainport region in terms of economic development was another interesting topic, as well as the triple helix approach in the region.

“Integrated photonics is one of the key technologies that will contribute to the solution of many societal problems. I am happy we have been able to demonstrate our visitors from Brussels the importance and relevance of this technology. I am confident that we continue to collaborate to keep the so called ‘key enabling technologies’ on the European agenda”, according to Paul van Nunen, managing director of Brainport Eindhoven.

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