April 02nd 2024 SMART Photonics enabling high speed coherent

SMART Photonics expands its integration platform portfolio, by adding the new high speed >50GHz modulator, opening the route to 96 GBaud transmission.
By combining our existing, large portfolio of components with this modulator, our high gain SOA and narrow linewidth tuneable laser, we enable a low cost, single chip, high speed coherent transceiver.

  • >50GHz modulator
  • Narrow Linewidth Tuneable Laser
  • High Gain SOA

Resulting in:

  • 128 GBaud modulation*
  • Output power of 5 dBm*
  • Low power consumption Vpi of <5V

* Pilot Photonics, Compound Semiconductor magazine, Vol 30, issue 2

Check this page for the leaflet with the eye-diagram, electro/optical BW of the modulator and other information.

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