ACTPHAST 4.0 supports and accelerates the innovation capacity of European companies by providing them with direct access to the expertise and state-of-the-art facilities of Europe’s leading photonic research centers and pilot lines; the ACTPHAST 4.0 partners, enabling companies of all kinds and sizes to exploit the tremendous commercial potential of applied photonics. There are 23 top research institutes and 2 key companies who together make up the ACTPHAST 4.0 partner community. The project provides a one-stop-shop service, from technology scouting via circuit design to test and packaging.

Role of SMART Photonics

As full-blown pure-play foundry of InP based Photonic Integrated Circuits (PICs), SMART Photonics plays a pivotal role for the prototyping and volume production of InP PICs developed within the ACTPHAST 4.0 project. Our acknowledged experts support the applicants in their technology choice and our broad experience and knowledge are committed to a successful commercialisation of the product.

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