In the FLEXIT project, a supply chain for Photonic Integrated Circuits (PICs) is being developed. The FLEXIT-method is being used to integrate SiN and InP photonic components.
Further development of the FLEXIT-method will enable processing large parts of photonic chips on industrial level. In addition, a variety of supply chain processes will be optimized to increase the performance of the technique. Two demo
products will be selected to test the supply chain. These products will be developed upon and altered to fit into the new FLEXIT product standard which is fit for mass production.
On top of that a design-tool will be created on top of already existing software for development of products within the FLEXIT-method.
Finally the whole digital chain will be mapped, enabling optimization of all production processes part of the supply chain.

Partners are HighTechNL, Workfloor, Chilas, IMS, Salland, LioniX, Vtec & Smart Photonics

For more information please contact ruud.vullers@smartphotonics.nl

The operational program (OP) EFRO Oost-Nederland is a collective
subsidy program of the provinces Overijssel and Gelderland and works
for the structural reinforcement of the economy. The eastern Netherlands
use the EFRO funds to stimulate innovation and a low-carbon economy.
The goal is for SME-companies in the eastern Netherlands to generate
more revenue from new products.


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